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Italian Wine Selection's wine shop, is the natural evolution of the secular history of " O' Canonico 1898 ".

The ‘O Canonico 1898 is proud of its long history. It has been a period full of passion and love, which has brought the small wine cellar to become one of the most famous restaurants in Sorrento.

People were used to drink local wine at the “Restaurant del Campidoglio ‘O Canonico” 1898. The wine was taken from the farmers around Sorrento's hills, and served with the few local traditional dishes . All the old recipes of dishes , over time, increased in number and were wrote down into a small ,black covered, exercise book. Over the years these recipes have been handed down to every generation and, even today, the old small black exercise book is safely kept in the hands of the Terminiello family - the family who bought the restaurant.