Puglia Wines

Puglia Wines

Puglia wines for sale online at Italian Wine Selection

Famous for its highly prized olive oil, Puglia is also a region of excellence when it comes to viticulture, with one of the largest productions in all of Italy, and this is fully borne out by the 2020 vintage, when it was the second largest in terms of production nationwide. Among native grape varieties, Puglia records Verdeca, Aglianico, Uva di Troia, Primitivo, Negroamaro, Bombino Nero and many others that we are pleased to offer you online at Italian Wine Selection. Come discover the universe of Puglia's best wines, online at IWS and available for shipping throughout Italy and the world.

Apulian wineries

High production and great quality can only be based on the valuable work of the many Apulian wineries, which allow us to offer the best wine of Puglia online. In our online selection, we include renowned wineries such as Tormaresca, Gianfranco Fino or even Agricole Vallone, as well as many others that you will find in our wine shop. As for the best Apulian wine we offer, we find online Primitivo di Manduria DOP, Furia di Calafuria, Graticciaia IGP, Aglianico Bocca di Lupo or Fiano Passito IGT, but these are not the only proposals ready to satisfy your needs.

Why choose wines from Puglia

The quantity and the possibility to choose from a remarkable variety of wines, especially red wines, are of course not the only reasons why we have firmly focused on the best wines of Puglia, unique in flavor and taste thanks to the specific characteristics of each native grape variety, and we are happy to offer them online to our loyal customers. Wine production in Apulia dates back to a very ancient time, probably before the Greek colonization, but only in the 1990s did a serious process of enhancing the value of Apulian wines, which are too valuable and have untapped potential to continue to remain in oblivion. Come to IWS and safely order your Apulian wines online, throughout Italy and the world.

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CellarTormaresca GrapesAglianico RegionPuglia Size0.75l Vintage2015
21.00 17.00
You save: 4.00
CellarAgricole Vallone GrapesNegroamaro Susumaniello RegionPuglia Size0.75l Vintage2016
CellarGianfranco Fino GrapesNegroamaro RegionPuglia Size0.75l Vintage2018
CellarGianfranco Fino GrapesNegroamaro RegionPuglia Size0.75l Vintage2019
CellarCantele GrapesChardonnay RegionPuglia Size0.75l Vintage2020
CellarCantina San Marzano GrapesPrimitivo RegionPuglia Size3l Vintage2017
33.00 32.01
You save: 0.99
CellarGianfranco Fino GrapesPrimitivo RegionPuglia Size0.75l Vintage2015
CellarTormaresca GrapesPrimitivo RegionPuglia Size0.75l Vintage2019
CellarTormaresca GrapesMoscato reale di Trani RegionPuglia Size0.375l Vintage2019
CellarGianfranco Fino GrapesPrimitivo RegionPuglia Size0.75l Vintage2021
CellarCantina San Marzano GrapesNegroamaro RegionPuglia Size3l Vintage2019
CellarTormaresca GrapesNegroamaro, Cabernet franc, Syrah RegionPuglia Size1.5l Vintage2021
CellarTormaresca GrapesChardonnay, Fiano RegionPuglia Size0.75l Vintage2020
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Puglia Wines
CellarGianfranco Fino GrapesNegroamaro RegionPuglia Size1.5l Vintage2015
CellarCantine Carpentiere GrapesNero di troia RegionPuglia Size0.75l
CellarTormaresca GrapesNegroamaro, Primitivo, Syrah, Cabernet e Chardonnay. RegionPuglia Size0.75l Vintage2022
CellarTormaresca GrapesNegroamaro, Cabernet franc, Syrah RegionPuglia Size0.75l Vintage2022
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