Piedmont Wines

Piedmont Wines

Piedmont wines for sale online at Italian Wine Selection

Piedmont's winemaking tradition is one of the most important in Italy and the world, and needs little introduction. From Langhe to Monferrato, passing through Roero to Colli Tortonesi, and again Canavese, Western Prealps and Alto Piemonte, Piedmont's wine production areas are diverse and exceptional in their uniqueness, giving us the opportunity to offer online in our wine shop the best wines from this thriving region, among the flagships of the Italian wine and food scene. Among the native grape varieties, you can find online at Italian Wine Selection proposals of Albarossa, Arneis, Avanà, Barbera, Dolcetto, Doux d'Henry, Erbaluce, Grignolino, Nebbiolo, Neretto di Bairo and Timorasso.

Piedmont's wineries

The Piedmont wine galaxy is dotted with wineries, but only the best are selected and hosted online on our wine shop. Among them, we can mention excellent producers internationally recognized for their quality, such as Gaja, Coppo Luigi or Roagna, as well as many others. In particular, choose from wines such as Chardonnay Langhe, Barolo DOCG Pianpolvere, Barbaresco, Barbera d'Alba Riserva or Nebbiolo Langhe DOC. The best wines from Piedmont are waiting for you online on our portal, don't miss them and get your bottles safely, all over Italy and the world.

Why choose wines from Piedmont

The roots of Piedmont's food and wine traditions are lost in the mists of time, in a region that is unique in its own way for the amount of production areas and the variety of winery grape varieties. We at IWS host the best wineries of Piedmont online, with the aim of offering our clients the best this land has to offer, both in terms of white wines and red wines, carefully selecting the bottles that will become part of our selection from over 4,000 wines, Italian and international. We treat only the best, and we could not help but devote all our attention towards Piedmont.

CellarAlmondo Giovanni GrapesArneis RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage2020
CellarSandrone GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage2013
CellarCastello di Neive GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage2012
CellarCoppo Luigi GrapesChardonnay - Pinot nero RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage2009
CellarLa Spinetta GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage2011
CellarElio Altare GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage2014
CellarCà del Baio GrapesRiesling RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage2020
28.00 26.00
You save: 2.00
CellarBersano GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage2015
CellarBraida Giacomo Bologna GrapesBarbera RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage2009
CellarEnrico Serafino 1878 GrapesVitigni: 85% Pinot Nero - 15% Chardonnay RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage2018
59.00 51.33
You save: 7.67
CellarConterno Fantino GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage2014
CellarVigneti Massa GrapesTimorasso RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage2017
167.00 145.00
You save: 22.00
CellarCeretto GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage2013
CellarLa Scolca GrapesCortese RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage2021
CellarLa Spinetta GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage2000
86.00 80.00
You save: 6.00
CellarPio Cesare GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage2012
72.00 64.80
You save: 7.20
CellarDamilano GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage2015
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