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Campania is one of the regions of Italy with an ancient history from the point of view of winemaking traditions, over time high-level wines have been produced from both white and red grape varieties while retaining a predominantly black grape production. Over 25 thousand hectares are cultivated, from Caserta to Avellino, with farming methods varying from area to area. A region rich in grape varieties, mainly indigenous, ranging from white grapes such as Falanghina, Fiano, Greco, Pallagrello bianco and Coda di Volpe; through black grapes such as Aglianico, Piedirosso, Pallagrello nero and Casavecchia. The Italian Wine Selection wine shop offers a selection of Campania wines that can be purchased online, scents and flavors of Campania for all tastes. In the overall production of Campania wines we find a good balance between white wines (40%) and red-rosé wines (60%), while from the point of view of appellations we find 4 DOCG, 15 DOC and 10 IGT.

The wineries of Campania

The Campania region provides some of the most renowned wines in Italy, wide choice from whites to red-rosés to satisfy every palate and culinary need. Wine production is varied and undergoes changes from area to area, ranging from Caserta to the Vesuvian area, not forgetting Cilento, Irpinia, Sannio and the Sorrento and Amalfi coasts. Among the region's most renowned wines is Taurasi DOCG, flanked by Greco di Tufo DOCG and Fiano di Avellino DOCG. Campania wines, in addition to indigenous grapes, often also draw on international grape varieties to produce high quality wines. Campania is therefore a region devoted to viticulture, important vineyards not only at the foot of Vesuvius, in the Sorrento Peninsula, in the Sannio area, in the Caserta area, in the Caudina valley, on the islands of Ischia and Capri we find some of the most renowned DOCs. In the carnet of Campania wines of Italian Wine Selection we find more than 60 wineries, we remember among them Marisa Cuomo, Abbazia di Crapolla, Quintodecimo, Michele Perillo, San Salvatore and many others.

Why choose wines from Campania

Buying Campania wines online at Italian Wine Selection is a unique and beneficial experience for wine lovers. Campania is an Italian region with a long wine tradition and a wide variety of quality wines, such as Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo, and Aglianico del Taburno. These wines are renowned for their complexity and richness of aroma and taste. At Italian Wine Selection you can buy Campania wines online easily and securely, choosing from the best wineries in the region. In addition, these wines pair perfectly with the unique flavors of Campania's cuisine, such as Neapolitan pizza, seafood dishes, and local cheeses. Choosing Italian Wine Selection as your supplier of wines from Campania means having access to a unique, high-quality selection of the region's best wines, all from the comfort of your own home.

CellarSalvatore Molettieri GrapesAglianico RegionCampania Size0.75l Vintage2017
CellarRaffaele Palma Azienda Agricola Biologica GrapesPiedirosso, Aglianico e Tintore RegionCampania Size0.75l Vintage2013
CellarPerillo Michele Azienda Agricola GrapesAglianico RegionCampania Size0.75l Vintage2010
38.00 34.20
You save: 3.80
CellarTerre del Principe GrapesCasavecchia - Pallagrello Nero RegionCampania Size0.75l Vintage2014
43.00 38.70
You save: 4.30
CellarVilla Matilde GrapesAglianico - Piedirosso RegionCampania Size0.75l Vintage2011
CellarNanni Copé Grapespallagrello nero, aglianico, casavecchia RegionCampania Size0.75l Vintage2013
CellarStefania Barbot GrapesAglianico RegionCampania Size0.75l Vintage2015
CellarQuintodecimo GrapesFiano RegionCampania Size0.75l Vintage2020
CellarSalvatore Molettieri GrapesAglianico RegionCampania Size0.75l Vintage2014
CellarAntonio Caggiano GrapesAglianico RegionCampania Size0.75l Vintage2016
CellarVestini Campagnano GrapesPallagrello RegionCampania Size0.75l Vintage2021
CellarQuintodecimo GrapesFalanghina RegionCampania Size0.75l Vintage2017
18.00 15.00
You save: 3.00
CellarVigne Chigi GrapesCasavecchia RegionCampania Size0.75l Vintage2020
CellarQuintodecimo GrapesFalanghina RegionCampania Size0.75l Vintage2016
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