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Abruzzo is a region in central-southern Italy with a predominantly mountainous terrain, stretching from the Apennines to the Adriatic Sea and boasting both summer and winter resorts. There is a clear climatic difference between inland and coastal areas, in this regard Abruzzo's wine production is mainly concentrated on the Pescara coast and in some hilly areas. Almost 60 percent of the area planted with vines can be found on the coastal hills, the remaining 40 percent is divided between the mountains and inland areas. The presence of a dry and fairly permeable soil, as well as a climate that protects the vines from cold and humid winds, favors Abruzzo viticulture in the production of high quality wines combined with the typical culinary delights of the area. The Italian Wine Selection wine shop offers a wide selection of Abruzzo wines that can be purchased online, the scents and flavors of Abruzzo just a click away. In the overall production of Abruzzo wines we find a good percentage of DOP wines (37.5%) and a smaller percentage of IGP wines (11%), while at the level of appellations we have one DOCG wine, eight DOC wines and as many IGT wines. Finally, regarding the diversification of grape varieties, we have the famous Montepulciano d'Abruzzo and many other renowned grape varieties such as Pecorino, Passerina, Trebbiano, Cerasuolo, Cococciola and Controguerra, in the latter include varieties of Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Abruzzo wineries

The territory of Abruzzo boasts two decidedly important areas for regional wine production: the province of Teramo and the province of Chieti. In the first case we have the area where the Montepulciano vine can best express its qualities, without forgetting the typicality of the area in question for the production of Pecorino, Passerina and Controguerra, whereas in the second area is concentrated most of the production of Abruzzo wines with traditional vines such as Pecorino, Passerina and Cococciola, as well as Merlot, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio. In the area of Pescara, on the other hand, we find Trebbiano and Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, and finally in the province of L'Aquila here is Cerasuolo without forgetting that this area is located near the Peligna Valley, which is practically the cradle of Montepulciano. In the carnet of Abruzzo wines of Italian Wine Selection several renowned wineries: from Marramiero to Masciarelli, passing through Pasetti, Umani Ronchi, Valentini, Villamedoro, Zaccagnini, Illuminati, Emidio Pepe, Cataldi Madonna, Azienda Agricola Binomio, Ciavolich and Codicevino.

Why choose wines from Abruzzo

We at Italian Wine Selection have selected the best wineries in Abruzzo, putting their wines online from day one.Our marriage goes far beyond just selling wines online, we believe in every single label you will find on our site (we have been selling online for about 20 years). Abruzzo's ancient culinary tradition allows different wines to be paired with various dishes, both sea and land. For example, Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo goes well with fish-based broths but, if more structured, it can also be the right match for meat or cured meat dishes. First courses and meat-based main courses give unique emotions when paired with a good Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, while Trebbiano is an ideal solution for savory or sweet cheese dishes. Finally, Moscatello di Castiglione and Montepulciano Passito are pairings to remember for flavoring desserts.

CellarCiavolich GrapesPecorino RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2016
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18.50 16.65
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CellarMarramiero GrapesMontepulciano RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2015
CellarPasetti GrapesMontepulciano RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2018
CellarPasetti GrapesMontepulciano RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2019
CellarCodicevino GrapesPecorino RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2018
CellarCiavolich GrapesMontepulciano RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2019
CellarVillamedoro GrapesMontepulciano RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2019
CellarPasetti GrapesPecorino RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2021
CellarMasciarelli GrapesMontepulciano RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2020
CellarCodicevino GrapesCerasuolo RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2018
14.00 11.06
You save: 2.94
CellarIlluminati GrapesTrebbiano d’Abruzzo e Sauvignon RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l
CellarPasetti GrapesMontepulciano RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2010
CellarMasciarelli GrapesMalvasia RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2018
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CellarIlluminati GrapesMontepulciano 70% e Cabernet - Sauvignon 30% RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2011
CellarMasciarelli GrapesMontepulciano RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2017
CellarCodicevino GrapesPasserina RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2018
CellarCiavolich GrapesMontepulciano RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2015
CellarCiavolich GrapesTrebbiano RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2018
CellarMasciarelli GrapesSyrah RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2016
CellarVillamedoro GrapesMontepulciano RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2017
CellarMasciarelli GrapesMontepulciano RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2016
CellarPasetti GrapesMontepulciano RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2012
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