Shipping wines in the United States

Shipping costs and shipping times to the United States

Wine purchased on Italian Wine Selection is shipped both in Italy and abroad by courier. Delivery times vary depending on the place of destination; approximately they range from a minimum of 7 to a maximum of 12 working days for shipments to the United States. When filling out the electronic order, the system automatically calculates the charges.

In the tables below we provide a summary mirror of our shipping costs.

U.S. Shipping Service

Shipping time:

7-12 business days

1 Bott.€ 33,65
Da 2 a 3 Bott.€ 46,70
Da 4 a 6 Bott.€ 62.14
Da 7 a 12 Bott.€ 104,63
Da 13 a 18 Bott.€ 139,17
Da 19 a 24 Bott.€ 157,52
Da 25 a 30 Bott.€ 184,95
Da 31 a 36 Bott.€ 219,26
Da 37 a 42 Bott.€ 234,51