Italian Wine Selection Online Wine Shop

The Italian Wine Selection online wine shop is an evolution of the century and more of the history of the 'O Canonico 1898 restaurant and its centuries-old activity in the sale of wines.

The restaurant and wine bar of O ’Canonico" historic place of Italy "is located in Piazza Tasso, in the heart of the city of Sorrento and has always been famous for being a sort of hostel of taste. Even before gastronomy and oenology became two terms of fashion. At the end of the nineteenth century, when bottled wine was not yet as widespread as it is today, the ancestors of the current owners of the Canon selected the best local wine production from the winemakers of the Sorrento Peninsula and were already involved in the sale of wine. Among wine enthusiasts of the time it was already known that in Sorrento, in Piazza Tasso, "frank wine" was drunk accompanied by genuine dishes of the local gastronomic tradition. It was at the tables of the Sorrento restaurant that Saltovar, the famous poet from Sorrento, wrote the poem "The University of Bacchus" inspired by the wine of a farmer from Priora, a hillside town in Sorrento.

…… "The Canoneco cantor Always cheerful at all hours ... .." "Di Priora the beautiful liqueur that Bacchus always sipped from the clusters"

At the time, the official name of the restaurant was not yet 'O Canonico 1898 , the sign of the time in fact read "Ristorante il Campidoglio". The story that our grandparents told us is in fact this: in the family there was an uncle who was a priest whose greatest desire was for his nephew to attend the seminary and make a career within the ecclesial hierarchy. The nephew thus, despite the management of the restaurant was his passion, he enrolled in the seminar on the promise of a lavish inheritance. Everyone in the village then began to call him "O’ Canonico ". When his uncle died, the boy obtained the inheritance and did not think twice about abandoning his studies and devoting himself completely to the family restaurant which from that moment officially became "O’ Canonico ".

And so the story of good food and good wine continues to this day. The 'O Canonico 1898 Restaurant becomes a fixed stop for gourmet travelers who stop over in Sorrento, receiving numerous awards including the "Carta delle Carte" in 2003 for the best wine list.

The idea of opening an online wine shop for the sale of wines was a natural response to the requests for wine purchases that we continually received from wine enthusiasts and experts. In fact, after being guests at our restaurant, many customers often phoned us or, with the advancement of technology, asked us to be able to buy the wine they had tasted with us or other special bottles. In fact, among wine connoisseurs it is known that each precious and particular bottle, each limited edition of wine always passes through the cellars of the Canonico thanks to our close relationships with the major Italian wine producers.

It was precisely to respond to these requests that we decided to open our online wine shop . An online wine cellar where you can give wine lovers from all over the world the opportunity to buy Italian wine and choose the best wine proposals from our cellar. Bottles that they would hardly find in other online and traditional wine shops and even more difficultly in supermarkets.

So after 110 years of activity in the sale of wine , and after 10 years in the sale of wine online, we have decided to renew the site making it more modern and functional.

Marco Terminiello

Marco is the nose and the palate of our e-commerce, no bottle can arrive in our cellar without the passage in his glass. Its judgement is insindacable. I could tell that I trust him more than myself: infact I like to say that he is able to interpret my tastes and suggests me always the best wine for each moment. He educated me, to the wine world.

His passion for the wine was born many years ago. He attended somelier’ s course in 1988, when he was only 19 years old, when to price and to valutate wine it was not a fashion style like today. Since he was young, round the years ’80, he went around Italian cellars discovering our territory’s wines. In those days he has met , personally all the most important italian wine producers ; and this contacts still allow us to have all the rare, peculiar and limited produced , wines.

From this several "wine exursions " emerged the strong persuasion that, Italian wine, is second to none. From here than we chose to offer a wide choice of all the Italian Wines carefully selected, in the restaurant first, and than in our e-commerce only the best Italian Wine!

Marco deals about selection of wines and about relation with producers and suppliers. After wine, his strong passion are cakes, and Naples football team. He attended an high pastry making course in Switzerland and in our family’ s dinner he uses ourselves to experiment his inventions. And I would like to specify, it is always a pleasure.

Tonino Terminiello

Tonino is the front-man of our business, right attention for the details in clothing, perfect personal care, and always ready to smile at every day life… In business he deals abut public relations and marketing, also because of his economical studies. He has always been sensible to innovation and the new technologies: I have carried him in the world of wine.

From his point of view, he has a strong care of details and in searching new, aspects of his character that come also from our training. Our father in fact educated us to search for quality products, and to take care in details in relation with customers.

Since we were young, for example, before going to school we had to pass in our family bar, to set up the shop windows. Tonino has always been a lovers of sweet life: he likes best drinks, good food and best smoke. It is difficult see him without an original cuban cigar between his fingers. When he is not around I know everytime where he is: on board of our Sorrentine crop where he has just a few hours free.