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The Region of Avize is located in France, in the heart of the Côte des Blancs, an area renowned in champagne production worldwide. Landscape and winemaking tradition are the cornerstones of an area located just a few hours from Paris, a must for all fans of French champagne wines. In Italian Wine Selection we present a selection of Avize champagnes that can be purchased online, scents and flavors of France just a click away. Champagnes from the region include Brut Rosè De Sousa, Chemins des Terroirs De Sousa, Cuvé Umami Gran Cru and Extra Brut Mycorhize.

Avize wineries

The territory of Avize is rich in history and culture in the production of quality champagne, wineries of the caliber of Maison de Sousa or Domaine Vincey are just some of the first fruits that the Region located in the Marne offers. Tasty grapes, ideal for Blanc de Blancs champagnes, sweetness and fragrance in an intoxicating mix recognized internationally. In Italian Wine Selection's carnet of Avize champagnes several renowned wineries: from Comtesse Lafond to André Jacquart, via Julien Chopin, Domaine Vincey, Renaudin, Bonvalet, Mailliard, De Sousa and Vollereaux.

Why choose Avize champagnes

We at Italian Wine Selection have selected the best Avize wineries for our customers, putting their champagnes online from day one.Our marriage goes far beyond just selling champagne online, we believe in every single label you will find on our site (we have been selling online for about 20 years). Avize champagnes turn out to be a perfect solution for aperitifs, delicate first courses with fish or shellfish.

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CellarValentin Leflaive Champagne GrapesChardonnay RegionAvize Size0.75l
49.00 44.10
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CellarSimon Selosse GrapesChardonnay RegionAvize Size0.75l
CellarDe Sousa Champagne Grapes60% Chardonnay et 40% Pinot noir RegionAvize Size0.75l Vintage2009
76.00 60.80
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CellarValentin Leflaive Champagne GrapesPinot nero RegionAvize Size0.75l
CellarDe Sousa Champagne Grapes90% di Chardonnay e da 10% di Pinot noir. RegionAvize Size0.75l
CellarJacquesson GrapesChardonnay RegionAvize Size0.75l Vintage2009
CellarDe Sousa Champagne GrapesChardonnay RegionAvize Size0.75l
CellarJacquesson GrapesChardonnay 43%, Pinot Noir 57% RegionAvize Size0.75l
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108.00 97.20
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CellarJacquesson GrapesPinot noir - Pinot munier RegionAvize Size0.75l Vintage2008


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