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"To whom doesn't like wine, God take away the water" says an old Tuscan proverb. In the last years has increased the attention and the search online for rare wines or collectible wines, valuable bottles that sometimes have very high costs. Finding out the best collectible wines is not something for everyone, collectible wines are considered the ones put in bottles created by artisans, having particular shapes and for this reason they are real and proper works of art.

Rare Wines on Italian Wine Selection

In our online wine shop you will find rare wines suitable for every occasion, from collectable wines to limited edition wines to be shown in your cellar and not only. Rare wines for sale online on Italian Wine Selection gather the best brands of the world in the production of rare and collectible wines. In our online wine shop you can find the best rare wines from the best worlwide brands, such as Chateau Petrus, Masseto, Felsina and more. Modernity and innovation meet in our online wine shop, a centennial history in the sale of rare or collectible wines, that in the last ten years has opened its doors to the online sale of rare wines.

Why Buy Rare Wines Online

Rare wines or vintage and collectible wines are precious bottles that can be 30 or 40 years old, in some cases even 50 years old. On sale online today are the best rare collectible wines sometimes sold in online auctions. It is good to remember there is a big difference between a rare wine left in a bottle for some years in order to refine its aroma and a wine left in the bottle for so long that it gets ruined. The one who buys a rare wine knows very well he or she is buying a collector's item, to show off or to leave in his or her cellar as a legacy to his or her family. However a collectible wine is not necessarily a vintage wine, in fact are considered rare wines the ones produced in few exemplars and that represent excellent wine products.

Our wine for sale online: the right bottle for every occasion

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CellarRovellotti GrapesVitigno Innominabile ( Erbaluce ) 100%. RegionPiedmont Size0.375l
CellarGaja GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage1999
CellarRoagna GrapesTimorasso RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage2017
CellarContratto Grapes20% Chardonnay, 80% Pinot Nero RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage2012
345.00 290.00
You save: 55.00
CellarRoberto Voerzio Azienda Agricola GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage1999
CellarRoagna GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage2006
CellarLa Scolca GrapesCortese RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage2007
CellarLa Scolca GrapesCortese e Pinot Nero RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage2008
CellarProprietà Sperino GrapesCabernet Franc RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage2015
362.00 355.00
You save: 7.00
CellarGiovanni Rosso GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage2012
165.00 130.35
You save: 34.65
180.00 142.20
You save: 37.80
CellarParusso GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage1998
345.00 310.00
You save: 35.00
CellarRoberto Voerzio Azienda Agricola GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage1999
125.00 98.75
You save: 26.25
CellarConterno Fantino GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage1998
345.00 272.55
You save: 72.45
CellarRoberto Voerzio Azienda Agricola GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage1999
CellarSandrone GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage2013
CellarCoppo Luigi GrapesChardonnay - Pinot nero RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage2009
167.00 145.00
You save: 22.00
CellarCeretto GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiedmont Size0.75l Vintage2013
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