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"Without Ceres and Bacchus, Venus is made of ice" declared once the Roman playwright Publius Terence Aphro. Dessert wines require a particular processing of grapes, it is known in fact that sugar contained in the grape is the main source of sweetness, however every kind of wine will be processed in a different way. Dessert wines include raisin wines, so called because they are produced with dried grapes harvested later than the traditional harvesting period, a type of grape which is sufficiently mature in order to evaporate water and therefore increasing the concentration of taste and sugar present in every grape. Dessert wines sometimes make use of additions of alcohol, spices, grape must and aromas in order to reach the desired level of sweetness.

Why Buy Dessert Wines Online

When choosing a dessert wine, the basic rule is that a wine should be as sweet as or more than what is being eaten. Desserts that go well with a sweet and raisin wine are all those made of short pastry or leavened dough, such as cookies and tarts. Most of spoon desserts, instead, find in sweet sparkling wines their proper companion. Among the most appreciated matching between wines and desserts there are surely: the traditional couple formed by cantucci and vin santo; the classic one between panettone and moscato d'asti; and finally, chocolate desserts, both dry and creamy, are exalted by the particular Barolo chinato.

Dessert Wines on Italian Wine Selection

In our online wine shop you will find dessert wines suitable for every occasion, from marsala to grappa as well as passito wines and the best dessert wines. Dessert wines for sale online on Italian Wine Selection gather the best brands of the world in the production of champagne. In our online wine shop you can find dessert wines such as Muffato della Sala Umbria, Marsala Superiore Ambra dop, Vecchio Samperi Quarantennale and Grappa Stravecchio 70° anniversario. Modernity and innovation meet in our online wine shop, a centenarian history in the sale of dessert wines, that in the last ten years has opened its doors to the online sale of dessert wines.

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CellarMaculan Grapesvespaiola RegionVeneto Size0.5l Vintage2015
Save 30%
43.50 30.45
You save: 13.05
CellarPodere 414 GrapesAleatico RegionToscana Size0.75l Vintage2015
CellarMasi GrapesCorvina, Rondinella, Molinara RegionVeneto Size0.75l Vintage2016
CellarDi Majo Norante GrapesMoscato RegionMolise Size0.5l Vintage2015
CellarVinisola GrapesZibibbo RegionSicilia Size0.75l Vintage2015
CellarContratto GrapesMoscato RegionPiemonte Size0.75l Vintage2013
Save 36%
32.00 20.48
You save: 11.52
CellarMichele Chiarlo GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiemonte Size0.375l
41.50 31.12
You save: 10.38
CellarNALS Margreid GrapesMoscato giallo RegionTrentino Alto Adige Size0.375l Vintage2014
CellarAurora- Canonico 1898 GrapesBasilico Camomilla RegionCampania Size0.75l
CellarDonnafugata GrapesZibibbo RegionSicilia Size0.75l Vintage2019
CellarDonnafugata GrapesZibibbo RegionSicilia Size0.75l Vintage2018
CellarDonnafugata GrapesZibibbo RegionSicilia Size0.75l Vintage2017
CellarDonnafugata GrapesZibibbo RegionSicilia Size0.75l Vintage2016
CellarDonnafugata GrapesZibibbo RegionSicilia Size0.375l Vintage2017
CellarDonnafugata GrapesZibibbo RegionSicilia Size1.5l Vintage2017
CellarLa Stoppa GrapesSemillon RegionEmilia Romagna Size0.375l
CellarElena Walch GrapesMoscato rosa RegionTrentino Alto Adige Size0.375l Vintage2009
Save 25%
56.00 42.00
You save: 14.00
CellarMoet & Chandon GrapesPinot N. Pinot M. Chardonnay RegionChampagne Size0.75l
55.00 44.00
You save: 11.00
CellarLaurent-Perrier GrapesChardonnay (45%), Pinot Nero (35%) e Pinot Meunier (20%) RegionChampagne Size0.75l
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