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"He who drinks only water has something to hide" said Baudelaire. Italian Wine Selection offers to its customers a wide selection of rose wines, produced with black berried grapes, reducing the time of maceration in contact with skins and seeds to a minimum so that only a small fraction of coloring substances and tannins is transferred to the wine. Buy online your favorite rose wine, wide selection of the best rose wines made in Italy. 

Rosé wines on Italian Wine Selection 

In our online wine shop you will find the right rose wine for every occasion, from renowned wineries such as Donnafugata and Hofstatter. After 110 years of activity in the sale of wine, and after 10 years in the sale of rose wine online, we decided to renew our portal, making it more modern and functional. 

Why buy rosé wines? 

Rose wines are very versatile in the matching: usually when a white wine is too light and a red wine is too structured, the answer is often a rose wine. Therefore the matching choices should always be extended by considering white wines, rose wines and red wines and not only white wines and red wines. Rose wines represent a world apart in every sense, from production methods to organoleptic qualities. The production of rose wines starts as for red wines and goes on as for white wines. The wines produced are reminiscent of red wines for their color and of white wines for the way they are served.

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