"When you win you deserve champagne, when you lose you need it" Winston Churchill once declared. Champagne is entirely produced, harvested and processed in the Champagne region of France. The grapes used to produce Champagne wines have unique characteristics in the world, a mix of geographical location, soil and climate. 

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Champagne is produced with natural fermentation in the bottle according to specific rules and production phases that make up the specifications of the Champagne appellation. Among the main rules we have the use of only Chardonnay, Pinot noir, Meunier, Arbane, Petit meslier, Pinot blanc and Pinot gris; without forgetting the short pruning with a maximum yield of grapes per hectare and a maximum yield at pressing of 102 liters per 160 kilos of grapes. Quality Champagne for sale online has a minimum alcohol by volume fixed every year, moreover, the preparation phase takes place in separate rooms exclusively dedicated to the storage of Champagne. Conservation in bottle, before being commercialized, must be of at least 15 months.

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In our online wine shop you will find Champagne wines suitable for every occasion, from Brut to Cuvée as well as Rosé. Champagne wines for sale online on Italian Wine Selection gather the best brands of the world in the production of champagne. In our online wine shop you can find Champagne Brut "Les Réserves Grand Siècle"and Cuvée 200 Extra Brut in Limited Edition of 3l, a wide selection of champagne online at the best prices, from Champagne Brut "Prestige" Rosé to Champagne Chemins des Terroirs De Sousa passing through the Grand Blanc de Blancs brut Gosset. Modernity and innovation meet in our online wine shop, a centennial history in the sale of Champagne, which in the last ten years has opened its doors to the online sale of Champagne.

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CellarSalon GrapesBlanc de blanc RegionFrancia Size0.75l Vintage2006
CellarSalon GrapesBlanc de blanc RegionFrancia Size0.75l Vintage2007
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CellarSalon GrapesBlanc de blanc RegionChampagne-Ardenne Size1.5l Vintage2007
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