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"I like the spirit of getting together, the no-frills conviviality, the presence of snowflakes, that of thick walls, holding a glass of wine in your hand for a couple of hours of absolute serenity" wrote the British essayist and writer Virginia Woolf. Online wine selling in the last years has reached peaks never seen before, the choice of the right wine for every occasion thanks to the advices of the ones who have been selling wine online for years. Consult the best online wine offers, from fine wines to everyday wines of the best Italian and foreign brands.

Online wine offers on Italian Wine Selection

In our online wine shop you will find the best online offers of wines suitable for every occasion, from Brut to Cuvée passing through Reds, Whites and Rosés. The offers of wines for sale online on Italian Wine Selection include the best brands of the world in the production of champagne. In our online wine shop it is possible to find the offer Amarone in Cassetta Annate Storiche Cantina Privata Boscaini Edizione 2017 and the offer Sabbie di Sopra il Bosco cassa mista Terre del Volturno IGT Collezione Privata, limited editions or time offers for the best wines for sale online.

Our wines for sale online: the right bottle for every occasion

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Save 40%
105.00 63.00
You save: 42.00
CellarBisson Società Agricola GrapesBianchetta Genovese - Vermentino RegionLiguria Size1.5l Vintage2013
CellarMasi GrapesCorvina, Rondinella, Molinara e Oseleta RegionVeneto Size1.5l Vintage2015
CellarMasi GrapesCorvina, Rondinella, Oseleta, Molinara RegionVeneto Size0.75l Vintage2013
Save 15%
647.00 549.95
You save: 97.05
CellarAllegrini GrapesCorvina Veronese 45%, Corvinone 45%, Rondinella 5%, Oseleta 5% RegionVeneto Size6l Vintage2013
Save 10%
220.00 198.00
You save: 22.00
CellarMarco Mosconi GrapesCorvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, croatina e Oseleta RegionVeneto Size3l Vintage2011
CellarAllegrini GrapesCorvina Veronese 70%, Rondinella 30% RegionVeneto Size1.5l Vintage2017
118.00 108.00
You save: 10.00
CellarCeretto GrapesNebbiolo Michet RegionPiemonte Size0.75l Vintage2014
Barbaresco Asili
Save 15%
100.50 85.43
You save: 15.07
CellarBruno Giacosa Azienda Agricola Falletto GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiemonte Size0.75l Vintage2008
Save 66%
59.50 20.23
You save: 39.27
CellarBruno Giacosa Azienda Agricola Falletto GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiemonte Size0.75l Vintage2005
Save 30%
220.00 154.00
You save: 66.00
CellarCeretto GrapesNebbiolo Michet RegionPiemonte Size1.5l Vintage2008
CellarLa Spinetta GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiemonte Size0.75l Vintage2011
Save 30%
140.00 98.00
You save: 42.00
CellarLa Spinetta GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiemonte Size1.5l Vintage2010
Save 30%
480.00 336.00
You save: 144.00
CellarLa Spinetta GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiemonte Size3l Vintage2014
Save 15%
13.00 11.05
You save: 1.95
CellarPico Maccario GrapesBarbera RegionPiemonte Size0.75l Vintage2018
Barbera d'Asti Superiore DOCG
Save 30%
9.00 6.30
You save: 2.70
CellarTerredavino GrapesBarbera RegionPiemonte Size0.75l Vintage2012
Save 35%
65.00 42.25
You save: 22.75
CellarTerredavino GrapesBarbera RegionPiemonte Size3l Vintage2011
Save 43%
47.00 26.79
You save: 20.21
CellarBatasiolo GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiemonte Size0.75l Vintage2009
Save 21%
278.00 219.62
You save: 58.38
CellarVietti GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiemonte Size1.5l Vintage2013
Save 10%
130.00 117.00
You save: 13.00
CellarDamilano GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiemonte Size1.5l Vintage2008
CellarDamilano GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiemonte Size1.5l Vintage2016
Save 38%
47.50 29.45
You save: 18.05
CellarBatasiolo GrapesNebbiolo RegionPiemonte Size0.75l Vintage2009
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