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"Sparkling wines help wonder" believed French writer and dramatist George Sand. Sparkling wines are wines in which is present dissolved carbon dioxide which generates an overpressure of at least 3.5 absolute atmospheres inside the bottle. When the bottle is uncorked the pressure drop creates the effervescence effect with a strong production of bubbles and a more or less persistent froth. One of the indicators for a quality sparkling wine is related to the quantity, finesse and persistence of the famous bubbles.

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In our online wine shop you will find sparkling wines suitable for every occasion. Sparkling wines for sale on Italian Wine Selection include the best brands of the world for the production of sparkling wines. In our online wine shop you can find the best Spumante sparkling wine brands, such as Ferrari Trento, Bellavista and Enrico Serafino 1878. Modernity and innovation meet in our online wine shop, a centenarian history in the sale of sparkling wines, that in the last ten years has opened its doors to the online sale of sparkling wines.

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Sparkling wines are obtained by the first or second alcoholic fermentation of fresh grapes, of grape must, characterized by the development of carbon dioxide at the uncorking. Sparkling wines for sale online have an overpressure not lower than 3 bars and an alcoholic strength not lower than 8.5% vol. Sparkling wine has a total alcohol by volume not lower than 9% vol. and an actual alcohol by volume not lower than 7% vol. whereas the overpressure caused by carbon dioxide is not lower than 1 bar and not higher than 2.5 bar. The difference between sparkling wines and semi sparkling wines is mainly represented by the overpressure, therefore sparkling wines have a higher effervescence and a higher development of bubbles. Quality sparkling and semi sparkling wines for sale online are the natural ones, for which the carbon dioxide present is related to the natural refermentation of wine.

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