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"Wine prepares hearts and makes them more ready to passion" said Roman poet Ovid. Wines are usually bottled in 0.75L bottles, the current standard for the wine business and the size we usually see in our tables. However in the course of the years new bottles and new sizes have been introduced in the market, even though few of them have really established themselves as a standard. Among the most common ones we have: Magnum (1.5l), Jéroboam (3l), Réhoboam (4.5l), Mathusalem (6l) and Balthazar (12l).

Special sizes wines on Italian Wine Selection

In our online wine shop you will find special formats suitable for every occasion. Special sizes wines for sale online at Italian Wine Selection gather the best brands of the world in the production of wine. In our online wine shop you can find wines in special formats from the best wineries, for example, Arnaldo Caprai, Michele Chiarlo or Montevertine. Modernity and innovation meet in our online wine shop, a centenarian history in the sale of special format wines, that in the last ten years has opened its doors to the online sale of special format wines.

Why buy special sizes wines online

By browsing the list of special sizes of wines online it is immediately noticed their names are inspired to ancient biblical kings and not only, a choice which is not casual and it is intentional. The biggest special sizes are traditionally related to champagne, used for parties and sumptuous events for which the association with names of ancient biblical kings seems to be appropriate. In the biggest special sizes are usually kept great wines, fine wines to be drunk only in great occasions. Bottles of wine in special sizes are looked for by collectors because, in particular in larger sizes, wine can be kept better but the price increases as well. Special sizes are often rare, still wines are usually bottled in Magnum and Jéroboam sizes.

Our wine for sale online: the right bottle for every occasion

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CellarMarion Azienda Agricola GrapesCabernet Sauvignon RegionVeneto Size0.75l Vintage2007
CellarAllegrini GrapesCorvina Veronese 45%, Corvinone 45%, Rondinella 5%, Oseleta 5% RegionVeneto Size1.5l Vintage2011
CellarZenato GrapesCorvina - Molinara - Rondinella RegionVeneto Size0.75l Vintage2008
CellarZenato Grapes85% Corvina, 10% Rondinella, 5% Oseleta. RegionVeneto Size0.75l Vintage2017
CellarMasi GrapesCorvina - Rondinella - Molinara RegionVeneto Size5l Vintage2015
CellarZenato GrapesCorvina veronese RegionVeneto Size0.75l Vintage2017
CellarDal Forno Romano GrapesCorvina - Oseleta - creatina RegionVeneto Size3l Vintage2010
CellarSecondo Marco Azienda Agricola GrapesCorvina 60%, Corvinone 20% Rondinella 10% e altre uve autoctone 10% RegionVeneto Size0.75l Vintage2008
CellarAllegrini GrapesCorvina - rondinelle - Oseleta RegionVeneto Size5l Vintage2016
CellarZenato GrapesCorvina - Molinara - Rondinella RegionVeneto Size1.5l Vintage2008
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