White Wines

"White wine is bottled poetry," said Stevenson. The Italian Wine Selection wine shop offers its customers a wide selection of white wines, ideal for every occasion and event. Buy your favourite white wine online, a wide choice of the best white wines made in Italy. 

Why buy white wines? 

White wine is produced with grapes mainly from green or yellow vines, the best known being Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Riesling. White wines are often used to accompany aperitifs and desserts, but some types are also ideal for seafood meals. In cooking, white wine is used to deglaze the cooking juices and in the preparation of dishes because of its aroma and acidity, among other things it has the property of making meat tender.  

White wines on Italian Wine Selection 

In our online wine shop you will find the right white wine for every occasion, from Batar Toscana Bianco IGT to Fiorduva Furore Bianco Costa d'Amalfi, including Chardonnay Langhe Gaja and Rey, quality wines that you would be unlikely to find in other online and traditional wine shops and even more unlikely in supermarkets. After 110 years of activity in the sale of wine, and after 10 years in the sale of wine online, we have decided to renew our portal, making it more modern and functional. 

Our wine for sale online: the right bottle for every occasion 

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CellarCiavolich GrapesPecorino RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2016
CellarCodicevino GrapesPecorino RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2018
CellarPasetti GrapesPecorino RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2021
CellarMasciarelli GrapesMalvasia RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2018
CellarCodicevino GrapesPasserina RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2018
CellarCiavolich GrapesTrebbiano RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2018
12.00 10.80
You save: 1.20
CellarMarramiero GrapesPecorino RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2018
CellarMasciarelli GrapesTrebbiano RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2018
CellarMasciarelli GrapesTrebbiano RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2019
CellarMasciarelli GrapesChardonnay RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2019
CellarUmani Ronchi GrapesTrebbiano RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2020
CellarPasetti Grapes50% Pecorino, 50% Chardonnay RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2021
Save 10%
10.00 9.00
You save: 1.00
CellarPasetti GrapesPecorino RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2014
Save 10%
19.50 17.55
You save: 1.95
CellarPasetti GrapesTrebbiano RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2014
Save 20%
15.00 12.00
You save: 3.00
CellarMarramiero GrapesTrebbiano RegionAbruzzo Size1.5l Vintage2018
Save 10%
95.00 85.50
You save: 9.50
CellarValentini Azienda agricola GrapesTrebbiano RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2015
CellarPasetti GrapesPasserina Campolese RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2019
Save 30%
7.00 4.90
You save: 2.10
CellarMasciarelli GrapesTrebbiano RegionAbruzzo Size0.75l Vintage2014
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